Wednesday, September 05, 2007

While cooking macaroni and cheese...

School is ahead of me and going full force. Knowing that it is my senior year, there is something in me that does not want to do anything. I guess that is the senioritis talking, but I know that there is no way that I can graduate in May. Grr. This is getting frustrating. Oh well. So, I am taking 17 hours. My classes are as follows: Constitutional Law, Spanish 1, Anatomy and Physiology, Creative Writing, and British Literature. Man, A&P is going to be the death of me. That class is like having to learn a foreign language, and I am alrady taking a foreign language.

What's new. Well, not a heck of a lot. Just working like crazy, schooling like crazy, and missing Jacob like crazy. The usual.

I'm finally in a mood to start writing again. I am not confident in my writing anyway and I think that all of my ideas are useless. Most of the time, I am correct in my assumptions.

I wish life was easier. I wish that when making choices, the correct choice lit up like Times Square, while the wrong choice hides in the back, hiding from the pleasures and cruelties of the world. Things would be much simpler, yet what would we learn. Not a thing. I like challenges, but sometimes I want people to choose for me.

I found out how to make mice. Yes, you heard me correctly. It is an old 1400's recipe that I am dying to try out so my friends can make fun of me. You get a metal bucket and fill it with oats or wheat. Not too specific in that category. Next, pour alcohol over the oats/wheat and place some dirty ad used underwear in the bucket. Seven days later, there should be a mouse in there that you grew. I dare you all to try it. Dorks.

I have quite a few keychains that I use with my apartment and car keys, and I have concluded that I will begin writing a story about my keychains. They all came from Japan so they obviously have to speak Japanese. It will quite possibly be the worst story...ever. "Thank you thank you! You're too kind!"

I get my car tomorrow. Yay! It will be awesome and I am going to start charging people everytime they ride with me. I can make at least a little bit of money.

I am broke. Badly broke. Financially wise, not spirit wise.

I am a television nut, so I am eagerly awaiting the fall premiers. Without a doubt the ones that I will be watching will be: Friday Night Lights, House, The Office, and 30 Rock. Pushing Daisies looks to be good, so I will give it a shot. Shows that I might watch: Heroes, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, and Bones. Hmm...

I need the second half of Friday Night Lights! I cannot afford the ten dollars. Also, The Office and 30 Rock came out on DVD Tuesday and those are must haves. I hate having no money.

I am procrastinating because I do not want to do my British Lit. homework. I also do not want to read Beowulf. Again. High School was a long time ago. Booo!!!

That is all.

For now.

I desperately miss you, dear. Know that.

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