Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey Monkey Noodle

Current mood: leafy, yet exquisitely dried out

I need to buy some conditioner. Last night, I had to use Bree's, so thanks Bree! I'm not sure she knows, but now she does.

I made a 73 on my A&P test and the class average was a...73. Boo-ya! I am actually happy with that grade. The labs are not too tough, and I like working with human matter...bones, blood, distilled water, sucrose, gloves. Pretty cool. Not cool- I have to learn all the bones in the body and all the organs and such. Yuck. It's not like I'm ever going to be treating a human being. Now a never know.

Friday I am doing an article titled "What I'm Watching" and am debating as to whether or not to use The Office or Friday Night Lights. Help! Possibly FNL because I am trying to recruit new viewers. Check it out! Please!

Stress takes time to come to me, but these days I am feeling something similar to stress. I am already getting burnt out before a month into school. *Sighs*

Washing clothes I hate. Honestly. I have to pay like two dollars for a wash and dry. One load! Crazy expensive. I do love the way my clothes smell after they have been washed and basically just stand in my closet and breathe in real hard. If I did drugs, I would do laundry detergent. I would then refuse to go to rehab with the excuse "laundry detergent never hurt anybody!" Maybe would not work.

Tyler and I are going to Dallas next weekend for LST stuff. I will be skipping all my Friday classes. Suckers!

Do you think there will ever be a time when robots and humans can peacefully coexhist? Me too. Honestly.

My thoughts are jumbled and the words flow out like vomit. Not good vomit. Nasty vomit that nobody wants to read. Nobody wants that.

I need a name for a character I am working on. She works all day long painstakenly painting hermit crab shells. Fun job! I imagine her as shy, fun, artistic, and pop culturey. My new word. Deal with it. Suggestions please, to the two people who read my blog. Love you both. Her male counterpart also needs a name. He, however, is not a hermit crab shell painter, but instead is an electronical technician who is trying to get his break by writing catchy jingles for commercials. Read my story, you will find out. Also, all rights reserved. Those who steal my ideas will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Whatever. I miss Japan! I am constantly praying and seeing if I should go again next summer. I really want to, but I also REALLY want to graduate, so that I can live there full time for a bit and teach English.

Now I am thirsty so I will go drink some cranberry juice and sprite. My new favorite. I call it Crite.

For now I leave you with these words of wisdom: I believe vampires are the best golfers in the world and their curse is that they'll never get to show it.
Currently watching : The Office - Season Three Release date: 04 September, 2007

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