Friday, May 04, 2007

The ned is near. Or is it the end?

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So, school is pretty much over. I still have two more finals, but nothing to stress over. It is my end of the semester list that I always do. Who-hoo, exciting I know. I don't care if anybody reads this. It is for me only. So, do not enjoy...

1. I did not vacuum my room all semester
2. I am starting to like Dr. Owen. Shocker, I know. He was actually pretty cool this semester. 3. While on the subject of Dr. Owen, I am sad that he did not re-enact any famous battle like he usually does. Sad.
4. I was able to use the word antidisestablishmentarianism in class one day. It was great.
5. Our class made up a new word: squonk. Or is is squank. We never decided on a spelling. It is the sound geese make.
6. The Lone Wolf is disgusting during the day, but at 3 a.m. is it not so bad.
7. 1:00 a.m. IHOP runs. Awesome.
8. Fabulous new friends.
9. Wrecked car
10. 12 hours
11. Changed major...again
12. Runny faucet
13. Too much cold weather, not enough snow
14. Passing out and Dr. Jones calling the hospital to check on me
15. Spending three days there
16. Hannah coming over and making fun of my piano
17. Jelly Belly machine
18. Too many gummybears
19. Procrastination
20. Watching TV shows on the internet
21. Finding gems like Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, and The Office
22. New music Tuesdays
23. $2.00 movie theater
24. Pretzels
25. Orange juice boxes with straws
26. Wal Mart runs at all hours of the night
27. Japan again
28. My Johnny Depp/ Pirates of the Caribbean obsession has not passed
29. Red in my hair
30. Oklahoma and Dallas
31. Not reading assignments, but still passing
32. Designing a church
33. Free meals
34. Missing him
35. New crushes
36. Less tears
37. Many sleepless nights
38. Girls night
39. Spring break with Lemon Drop
40. Pencils over pens
41. Using the phrase "by the hammer of Thor"
42. Flossing
43. Making fun of the caf
45. Easter in Anton
46. Duster rants
47. Dust storms
48. Sleeping in chapel
49. Up for 39 hours straight
50. Trying not to die by killer robots
51. When LCU has a lake after it rains
52. Trying to end this list53.
Out of ideas...
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